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Cookie Policy

This document outlines our practices regarding the use of cookies and should be considered alongside our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and other related documents. Like many reputable digital platforms, our website uses cookies. It is crucial for you, as a user of our site, to thoroughly review and understand this Cookie Policy. We present this policy to ensure transparency and clear communication regarding our use of cookies. Any capitalized terms found herein without specific definitions are as described in the Terms & Conditions.

Withdrawing Consent

You have the right to withdraw your consent regarding our use of cookies that involve the collection and processing of your personal data at any time. If you need assistance with this matter, please reach out to us at [email protected] via email.

Understanding Our Cookie Policy

We use session cookies directly from our site to efficiently gather essential information about your internet connection. These session cookies, which expire when you close your browser, are designed to remember your preferences, eliminating the need to re-enter your data on subsequent visits. We assure you that this process is secure and private, as these cookies do not collect personally identifiable information, nor do they share your information with external entities.

Additionally, we track user activities on our site using cookies to adequately reward our affiliates. Occasionally, we collaborate with reputable companies that may provide third-party cookies, such as Google Analytics. These cookies gather data on your website interactions, including clicks, browser details, visit duration, and the pages you explore, to help us enhance our website and refine our business strategies.

While Google Analytics uniquely identifies you as a visitor to our site, your privacy is safeguarded. You can review the Google Analytics Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for further details on how your data is utilized. If you wish to prevent Google Analytics from recognizing you on return visits, disabling cookies in your browser is an option.

For users of our live chat service, we collect specific personal details to provide tailored assistance. This includes your full name, email, and technical specifications of your device. To facilitate social media interactions, our website may include features that allow social networks to place cookies. These cookies may enhance your social media presence or contribute to the data these networks have on you. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of these social networks for additional clarity.

Cookie Configuration Instructions

By default, web browsers are set to accept cookies. However, you can modify this through your browser's settings or by using specific software solutions. You can disable cookies or have your browser notify you upon receipt, enabling you to block any unwelcome web interactions, particularly from suspicious sites. It's important to note that blocking our website's cookies may reduce the availability of certain features. Nevertheless, you can accept cookies from reputable sites while excluding them from others. The management and deletion of cookies are entirely within your control. For comprehensive guidance on these processes, please refer to Deleting existing cookies from your computer is possible, and you can set most browsers to prevent the placement of new cookies. This may result in some services and functionalities not working properly, and you may need to adjust preferences each time you manually access a site.

Understanding Cookies

Cookies are small files placed on your device by your web browser when you visit our website. They store minimal data that helps us recognize repeat visitors without personally identifying anyone. Importantly, cookies pose no risk of virus transmission and do not access sensitive information from your device. Their application is confined to the purposes described in this document.

For service delivery, we deploy two categories of cookies. "First-party session cookies" are temporary and disappear when you close your browser. "Persistent cookies," however, remain until actively deleted. We also utilize persistent cookies from third-party providers to enhance the user experience.